Thursday, 28 August 2008

Highest mountain in europe

Hello -this is my first post on the Hughes mountaineering blog. I have joined forces with Adam so this is what I have been up to.
Last month I was working for ADVENTURE PEAKS. I ran a trip to Russia to climb Mt Elbrus, the highest mountain in Europe (5642m). I had a good team comprising of John, Ron, Charles, Nick, Mark and Stuart; there was never a dull moment!! Any way after a slightly longer first day than expected we headed to our acclimatisation peaks. We only got up one (Kimarichi 4050) because of bad weather. So we headed up to the barrels which would be base for the next few days. We did a few more acclimatisation walks  and after some skiing and Cognac, oh and a rest, we made our summit bid. We all made it to the top  (along with about 200 other people), the weather was perfect and two of the team made an ascent of the secondary summit as well- good effort.  
We spent the last day visiting Moscow, which is a very stunning city worth a visit.  

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