Friday, 27 September 2013

Getting Motivated

I have found it hard to get motivated to climb again, knowing I'm going to be back to square one.  Over the last 3 months, I have managed to dip in and out of climbing to try and maintain some fitness and strength, but it was inevitable that I would lose loads of each.

So, this week I been the first o which I am having to suck it up! and start struggling.  Monday saw Ed and I at Widdop for  the first daddy daycare bouldering session.  Things when pretty well considering we had 2 toddlers to look after as well as trying to cram some climbing in.  A range of problems up to V6 got sent, so a good day.

I managed a 45 min hit at Woodhouse with Rose in toe, which proved pretty hopeful.  I did around 15 problems, which included a handful of V6/7's and a quick send of the Sheriff V8/9.  Everything felt harder than it should, but reassuring that I could still whale up some things.

Today I have had a good morning session at Heptonstall to see how I would fair on routes.  I did surprisingly better than expected on the fitness front, but have definitely lost a lot of strength and power endurance.  Quick ascents of Thin Red Line E2 5b*** and Brown Sugar E2 5c** left me feeling warmed up and positive. So I fired up Demerera E4 6a** which felt ok, but I was not pulling through as easily I remember being able to.  After a break I did Hard Line E5 6b**.  I fell off the crux once and lowered off, then did it next go.  This felt easy when I flashed it at the start of the year, but quite powerful today highlighting were I have lost the most.  I tried to wrap things up with a stylish ascent of Step in the light green E6 6b***, but was powered out.  I went through the crux ok, only to fall onto the peg shortly after.  Dogging my way to the top with hands opening on every move, I felt quite happy with my morning.  I was not pumped, just out of beans.  Nothing a bit of bouldering won't fix.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

A Busy Week

Since the 3 peaks it's been a busy, but bitty week.  I ran an in house training course to teach leading at Wigan Youth Zone at the start of the week, worked an event at Calderdale College for Freshers week and then ran a CWA assessment at the weekend.  This all wedged in bentween Man Flu and looking after Rose.  The finger is healing up nicely and now just needs the psyche to return to get fit and strong again in time for the start of the grit season.  Which might even start early if the cooler temps continue.

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Yorkshire 3 Peaks

Yesterday I met up with Ginny and Millie to guide them around the Yorkshire 3 Peaks in a good time.  In recent years we have completed the National 3 Peaks in 21 hrs and the Welsh 15 Peaks, so this should be ok.  Despite the hills not being that high, the distance is still significant at just under 25 miles.

We had good walking weather, dry and cool.  This meant we got a bit of a romp on and stormed around in 9 hrs 5 mins.  I blame the 20 min lunch stop for not breaking the 9 hr barrier.  Regardless, a fine effort by the ladies who were good company the whole way around.  They left trying to decide what would be next, and with winter approaching, who knows.