Friday, 27 September 2013

Getting Motivated

I have found it hard to get motivated to climb again, knowing I'm going to be back to square one.  Over the last 3 months, I have managed to dip in and out of climbing to try and maintain some fitness and strength, but it was inevitable that I would lose loads of each.

So, this week I been the first o which I am having to suck it up! and start struggling.  Monday saw Ed and I at Widdop for  the first daddy daycare bouldering session.  Things when pretty well considering we had 2 toddlers to look after as well as trying to cram some climbing in.  A range of problems up to V6 got sent, so a good day.

I managed a 45 min hit at Woodhouse with Rose in toe, which proved pretty hopeful.  I did around 15 problems, which included a handful of V6/7's and a quick send of the Sheriff V8/9.  Everything felt harder than it should, but reassuring that I could still whale up some things.

Today I have had a good morning session at Heptonstall to see how I would fair on routes.  I did surprisingly better than expected on the fitness front, but have definitely lost a lot of strength and power endurance.  Quick ascents of Thin Red Line E2 5b*** and Brown Sugar E2 5c** left me feeling warmed up and positive. So I fired up Demerera E4 6a** which felt ok, but I was not pulling through as easily I remember being able to.  After a break I did Hard Line E5 6b**.  I fell off the crux once and lowered off, then did it next go.  This felt easy when I flashed it at the start of the year, but quite powerful today highlighting were I have lost the most.  I tried to wrap things up with a stylish ascent of Step in the light green E6 6b***, but was powered out.  I went through the crux ok, only to fall onto the peg shortly after.  Dogging my way to the top with hands opening on every move, I felt quite happy with my morning.  I was not pumped, just out of beans.  Nothing a bit of bouldering won't fix.

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