Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Alpine Tien Shan

This is another trip for Adventure Peaks, this time I went to Kyrgyzstan to run an alpine Tien Shan course. The aim of the trip was to learn some alpine skills and try and climb a new peak. The team members were Kate, Claire, John, Adam, Andy, Joey, Rachel and Kevin. It was an adventure from the start, it took us a full two days by six wheel truck to get to our base camp. Which was up the kalio valley. From here we explored two valleys both were a good 6 hours walk to the glaciers. After a rest day and sampling the local vodka we headed up a valley east of our BC with enough food for 5 days. On our first day we split in to 2 teams one managed to climb one of the many unclimbed peaks (4758), The other climbed a new route to the summit of pt. 4852. The next couple of days we spent on the glacier looking at glacier travel and rescue.
The last day we tried another peak but were forced to turn back because of weather and difficulties. So we packed up and headed back to BC in the rain to begin our journey home. A truly wild experience!!! 

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