Sunday, 19 April 2009

MLTUK Conference

On Saturday myself and Nic went down to Plas Y Brenin to the MLTUK Conference for providers. The day was very informative and well ran, covering many aspect from being a technical advisor to how the CWA has been progressing so far. I started my day with a presentation and disscusion about coaching in mountaineering and how the MLTUK thinks they may develop this alongside the awards that are already running. This is still something that is in the early stages, but looks like it will enhance what is already there. I spent the next two hours looking at the law and how this relates to the technical advisor (scary stuff) and a new licence developed to monitor learning standard in outdoor activities. The final part of the day was spent reveiwing the progress and success of the CWA so far. This award has been a great addition those that were already running and been extremely popular. I look forward to working on many more in the near future.

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