Sunday, 28 June 2009

Quickdraw's Unleashed

This weekend I have been out with the Quickdrwaw Club with Simon. On Saturday we went down to Traprain Law. It was the parent job to get the ropes rigged, with limited help from Simon and I. It took them a little moment to gather themselves with the thought of being the ones to provide the kids safe ropes to climb on. The day went well, with everyone climbing around 8 routes each.

Today we where at Loudon Hill and lucked out with the weather again, avoiding rain for two days. The perants worked hard again rigging for the kids. I also placed some runners in a couple of climbs so that some leading could be had for the die hards in the group. The sessions that have gone before this weekend have definatly been of use if the results of the weekend are anything to go by.

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Grant said...

Another cracking weekend. Good weather, good coaching, and a good laugh. Even though it was at my expense! Thanks for the guidance and support offered by you both.
Cheers. Big Slope