Saturday, 19 December 2009


Greg and I went in to Sneachda to climb today. We picked a seldom climbed VII,7 called Paramedic to take advantage of the ice that was around the lower parts of Aladdin's Buttress. After a technical flip for the pitches, I got the thin ice pitches which I linked together to make a very bold, but awesome 55m VI,5 pitch. Greg did a stirling job on the hard pitch. He had a lot of digging to to find gear, but made pretty reasonable time. The pitch was a dream to second once it had been cleaned, but I could appreciate how hard it would have been to dig up. Another route that does not get climbed that often is the Prodigal Principal V,5. This looked in great nick. There was alot of snow moved around today on a strong NW. the goat track is solid at the moment and needs to be given respect, a slip would be very bad at the moment. There are some big pockets of slab around in some of the gullys, Aladdin's looked pretty loaded at the top so we opted for the goat track.

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