Sunday, 7 March 2010

Changable Cairngorm

I Have spent the last 3 days working East with the Irish misfits. As always it has been a great few days with loads of learning and a great crack. The first day took is into a surprisingly stable Sneachda, where we covered some skills and had a journey around the cories. We headed back in on friday, only to be shut down by the heavy,wet and rapidly worsening snowpack. After many assessments and chatting with other folks out working we ran away to the Twin Ribs. We heard the avalanche under the Fiacaill Buttress go, with a very load crack and the one under the mess of pottage. The ribs worked out perfectly in the end. All 3 teams covering different things, but all getting what they needed from this great venue. Yesterday we had a more subdued session. Starting inside, we covered various aspects of rope work etc. before heading out to put into practise.

Tamsin had the walking team over the last 2 days. They made a wet and white ascent of Cairngorm on Friday and had a big day up Macdui yesterday, a fine effort. Tamsin commented that there were pockets of unfreindly snow about, and that she heard what sounded like the odd slide. Thing appear to be settling down, but a lot of care and judgement is still needed.

Overall the course has been a great success for all 4 groups and I'm already looking forward to next year. I can probably do without the excessive meat and Guiness consuption though.

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colm said...

Adam, thanks again for another amazing trip. We've all had a brilliant experience and learned a huge amount from you as always. Thanks to the other instructors too. Cant wait for next year already!!,

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