Saturday, 3 April 2010

Close, but No Cigar

On Thursday Tony and I walked in to Clogwyn Du to try a Welsh winter test piece first climbed by Nick Bullock and yet to recieve an onsight ascent, but there has only been 2 so far. The crag was in perfect condition as we walked in, but it was warmer than forecast. Tony made good progress up the route and getting past the crux before an axe ripped and he took quite a big fall. Having left an axe up there and the fact that the start of the route was no longer in winter condition, we opted to strip and bail. In the time it took to strip the route the whole crag was black. Andy and Baggy had also bailed. The end of winter for Wales.

On Friday we walked into Gogarth main cliff hoping to beat the weather. I was just about to start climbing when the heavens opened. Game over. We might have better luck next time.

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