Saturday, 26 June 2010

A Step in the Light Green

Above: Jonny on Thin Red Line

For our final day cragging we went to Heptonstall today. The main aim was to try the 3 star A Step in the Light Green. We warmed up on Brown Sugar E2 5c, which has good climbing from start to finish. Our sights then turned to A Step in the Light Green. At E6 6b, we expected some pretty hard climbing. Jonny was up first, and had a bit of trouble with reach to get out of the HVS it starts up and into the route proper. After reversing to the ground to save the onsight, I was up. I, with my superior height cruised into the route and into the crux. It was hard to clip the peg, and used more energy than I thought it would. Struggling to find the right hold to move up, I reversed to the ground as will. After a fall from both of us, Jonny got the route ground up on his 3rd go. I made it to the top, but with an unnecessary rest (weak), but will come back and do it properly. We finished with a quick run up a Thin Red Line, a 3 star E2 5b that pack a punch.
Below: Jonny on Thin Red Line

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