Thursday, 13 March 2014

Catch Up

It has been a busy few weeks since being back down South.  I got straight back into my route setting work, trying to catch up after nearly a month away.  A few busy days has seen me back on track, but as holds need to be returned and replaced, I get to chill out a little.

The Technical Advisor work has been the same, catching up with folks through meetings and visits etc.  It's been great to get folks moving forwards or back on track, but generally all things going well is always good.

Last weekend I ran a CWA Training award out of ROKT and The Leeds Wall.  A small course of 7 this time, but a great mix of candidates who brought a lot to the course.

I have even managed to do a little climbing.  Some indoors, which is not like me and some bouldering outside.  More new problems, nothing hard, but pleasant sessions with toddler in tow.  I'm looking forward to getting fit and stuck into some more interesting problems and sports routes this year.

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