Sunday, 17 August 2014

Busy Week Setting and CWA Training

This week has bee pretty busy.  The lead area at ROKT has been given a new look with friction paint, so I've been in re setting the 21m beast.  There are now a good range of routes from F4-7a+ to go at, with more to come.  There will be a couple of good trying routes soon to compliment the easier range that are already there.

Over the weekend I have been running a CWA Training for 5 candidates.  The mixture of venues (ROKT and Leeds Wall) really adds to the course, as well as the mix of experience from the candidates.  Everyone was very complimentary of the course and seemed to take a lot away from it.

I've managed to squeeze in a few sessions for myself indoors, so will hopefully get out and take advantage of these soon.

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