Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Watty Quarry New Routes

With the new Lancashire guide in the final stages, I was informed of a small quarry that had a couple of good lines left to do.  Watty Quarry was the place, and a scratty little thing it is too.  When I first walked up to, I thought I must be at the wrong place. However, after a closer inspection,  it was it.  Pretty disappointed, I thought I'd look at the lines whilst I was there.

My knowledge of the proposed routes was very limited.   So I picked out what looked to be best and tried them. The left hand line on the steep face made sense to be a straight up route with no deviations. This made it a bold little number, with a tricky move highish and bad landing.  After one flash on a rope and clean I soloed it to give Watt the #&#& E3 5c.  The line to the right made sense to go up through the low roof before passing the second on it's left. A further tricky move to the arete led to an easy finish.  Despite having a cam low down, the tricky moves higher up would not be protected  and the landing is pretty bad.  Again one quick top rope and I soloed the route to give Watt a Load of #&$@ E5 6a.

Despite the look of the venue the climbing was quite good.  That said, it would only really be of interest to a local.  I'd be surprised if these routes ever see a repeat.

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