Thursday, 20 November 2014

Last Few Days

It's been a busy few days.  Tuesday was a full day setting at rokt, which was pretty knackering. The next day I was hoping to go to Earl and try the classic Pegg test piece  Mind Bomb, but despite  roads and walls being drunk,  the crag was gopping!  The wind was strangely blowing over the top, which at least meant somewhere would be dry.

In the end , Elliot and I ended up at Scout Hut Crag. I had been here once before and ticked pretty much all the routes in the old guide with stars so didn't think I would ever go back.  However, the new guide shows a good range of steady boulder problems to go at.  Some of these I had done on my last visit not knowing what they were, but it was nice to repeat them and do some new ones.

I retro Flashed Dave's Traverse 7a+ and a bunch of other stuff, was feeling the day before towards the end of the day. This meant I ran out of steam on the last tricky thing.  I think the crag has at least one more visit in it, as I'd like to do the traverse challenge.

Today I met up with Terrance and Mark at Heptonstall.   I was feel pretty tired so did a couple of easy routes with those guys and came home for lunch.

A few days of good rest and recovery are needed.

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