Sunday, 10 January 2016

Cha-no Crushing

Today Alex, Alan and I slogged up into the wind through some deepish snow to Cha-no.  Thankfully once there, the winds soon eased off, and we could just enjoy the climbing.  although the routes are short here, they usually pack a punch for there grade.  The crag is well rimed at the moment, but the cracks are in much friendlier condition on the whole.
Alan pulling through a nice steep crack on Anvil Gully
We started off with Anvil Gully IV,4, which has a good mixture of steepish turf and mixed climbing.  Both Alan and Alex enjoyed the varied climbing.  Alan was feeling the efforts of yesterday and a poor nights sleep, so didn't want to climb again.  The weather had improved enough that Alex and I could grab another quick route.
Alan enjoying the exit cracks on Anvil Gully

Alex warming up his mixed skills for the next route
After a quick chat we got on Anvil Corner VI,6.  This offered some good steep positive climbing and was at just the right level to push Alex today.

Alex happy to be nearing the end of Anvil Corner
One more day left, then I head back South for work and family time.  I'll be back up again in Feb.

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