Sunday, 10 April 2016

Catching Up

I have been pretty busy since last blogging, so thought I'd do a quick update.  There has been a run of NGB'S lately, with an SPA assessment, CWA Training and CWA assessment.  Adding to that the usual route setting, a family holiday, there's not been too much time for anything else.
Not for weasel's 

That said I did manage to get a climb in one day.  I was nice to test the finger out properly, as it has been taking a while to recover.  I climbed Fool's Gold E5 6b at Mytholm Steeps Quarry. For the most part this was straight forward.  But the crux at the top was super sequence specific.  Nice and safe though.

I then moved on to the edge and had a go at Not For Weasel's 7b+.  I'd tried this a few times on and off in the past, but could not suss the start.  However, this time armed with some video beta, I was reasonably straight forwards once you knew how.

Hopefully was the school holidays are over, I might get a bit more climbing in.

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