Monday, 10 November 2008

Mini Break

     I have just recently got back from chamonix. myself and Di (rope gun) were hoping for perfect weather and perfect conditions!!!! well we had that for a week, were we managed to climb a route on the Tacul Triangle, and the Ginat on the Droites both very good and we lauged are way up both routes even though i may have underestimated the amount of gas we needed for one of the routes ops sorry Di. for the next week or so it snowed, and snowed and yes it snowed. so we had a day out on the planks in saas fee again a very funny experience!! so after sampling the local wine we thought we should try something else, so headed in to the grand charmoz but were denided by warm strong winds. Still keen to climb we got the midi up and raped off the bridge to try a route but again we found less then ideal condition! After Swimming/climbing back to the station we were told the lift was shut so 20 hours later we were down and headed home all in all a good Trip.

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