Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Peaks Mini Break

We (Robin, Sheila, Rob and Duncan) Headed over to the peaks for a few days on the hope the weather forcsat was right. well it was right, very cold, windy and some snow showers perfect for climbing at Millstone. We climbe the routes as quickly as possible to not go though the pain off the hot aches, it didn't always work error. We incounted a small Blizzard while climbing and thought this was the last straw, we headed to the cafe to defrost. The next day we headed to Ramshore Rocks to get involed in some grit stone cracks, after climbing Dons crack and Browns crack we were missing  several layers of skin so we headed to some more convensional routes like the crank and Gumshoe. We all left the crag with painfall hands and big smilles!!! 

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