Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Ben Ice

Today I went up on the Ben with Greg. We climbed Smith's Route. The fisrt pitch had good ice all the way, but was not alway thick enough to take a screw (1/2 in 16 cm). The icicle is not there, but the original finish is in fine climbing nick. It felt like a stiff, pushy V,5 today due to some thinish ice on the steep section (5m at 85/90 degrees) and the same issue with screws on the first pitch. Overall, it was a joy to climb. We were being lazy and came down Tower gully and the climbed Tower Scoop, which is offering some good sport on very good ice. We saw a few teams climb point 5 and good Friday climb as well.

Tony went out for a bit of a solo mission today. here is a run down of what he did.

Point 5, Glover's, Cascade, Comb and Green Gully, Central right hand. He came down No.2 REaburn's Easy Route and ledge route saying that everything he climbed was in good shape.

Good effort Tony.

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