Saturday, 20 December 2008

The weekend Hordes

Today I was in Sneachda with Greg, Neil and Neil. As expected it was a busy place to be, with many teams in all the gully lines. Goat Track Gully and Red Gully looked in good condition with plenty of ice. Neil and Neil climbed Aladdin's Mirror Direct which looked fat but had a sugery feel about it. The y commented that the screws had no core coming out when placed. They then climbed Patey's Route which had held its snow well. There was no rime on the buttresses, but there was snow and ice on ledges, in grooves and crack features. The Seam looked filled in across the corrie.

Greg and I climbed Finger's Ridge Direct. This was a very thin and quite poorly protected climb that offered some excellent climbing. There was alot of snow and ice in the grooves and cracks and the slab had ice and snow on the ledges/ foot holds and the turf was frozen to the point it was hard to use. We are hoping to be out tomorrow but the weather is a bit suspect.

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