Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Beinn Udlaidh

I recieved this report from Keith about Monday

Went up to Beinn Udlaidh on Monday there to have a wee climb and done Quarzvien scoop. Peter pan was formed and the other pure ice routes looked like they were coming in albeit slowly. Organ pipe also looked like it was slowly forming. From the other side of the corrie it looked like an angry demon mouth! Awesome.Anyway, The ice was wet and a bit soft in places but most placements were bomber and 16cm screws were the pro of choice for the day.Ground was frosty and semi frozen at the base of the climbs with a light dusting of 'snow'. From the top of the climbs to the summit the ground was well frozen and had a layer of loose snow ontop.Temperature from about 11-5 could not have gone over about 2 or 3 degrees and where I'd left my water bottle at the base of the route must have been hovering at 0 degrees as the top layer of water froze up pretty well.Back down at the car the temp was -5 supposedly so hopefully if today didn't heat up too much and the rest of the week stays cold we'll all be in for a treat next week.
Cheers Keith
Keith works at Tiso Ratho

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