Thursday, 22 January 2009

Northern Corries

Today I was out in Sneachda with Martin. After a lazy start we climbed most of No Blue Skies on the mess of pottage, stopping 15/20m short of the top when time was getting on and we had both left are head torches in are rucksacks at the bottom (school boy error). There was a lot of snow on the route which made the going slow and protection more of an excavation to find. The snow was a bit of a mixed bag as far as its usefulness. There was ice in many of the cracks and the turf was excellent.

Many other people were in the corrie today. A number of teams climbed Hidden Chimney Direct and a team climbed the Seam. The approach up to the mess of pottage had consolidated a little making for a straight forward approach today. There was more snow being transported again today on an increasing wind. Moisture was in the air on cold wind which was also causing some icing trough the day. Things appear to be a little more stable than at the beginning of the week.

Sorry the picture is a bit lame but we both left are cameras and Martin is not that used to his phone yet.

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