Sunday, 3 May 2009


Today Martin and I were at the Hawkcraigs with folks from the Quickdraw Climbing Club. The aim of the day was to give the kids an opportunity to climb outside and experience a range of route types, whilst the parents got the chance to see and discuss the rigging that was set up. This made a good follow up to yesterday. Everyone had the chance to try a range of climbs from VDiff to HVS. Most of the climbs gave the group a different challenge than they would get at the wall, Cracks being the hardest. These days are going to be a great way for all involved to experience more of the sport and help improve their all round skill level.

To find out more about the click on the link below.


tanya said...

Hey Adam

Thanks for a fantastic weekend. Mark and I really enjoyed saturday and everybody had a brilliant day yesterday,especially mark and Daniel. Dan really comes into his own outdoors and enjoys outdoor climbing much more than the restriction of being indoors.Cant wait till the next session!!!

Tanya xx

Grant said...

A huge thankyou to both Adam and Martin for this weekends training. Megan had a great time outdoors however she still has some confidence issues to overcome. I also had an awsome time and I'm completely hooked on the outdoor side of things and can't wait till the next session. Thanks again guys. Grant

Arlene said...

What a great couple of days we had with the superb weather & location on Sunday adding to the whole experience.
Our girls really loved the outdoor climbing once they got over their initial surprise at the sheer scale of the challenge ... even I might have a go next time although Michael remains thoroughly unconvinced!

nottledim said...

What a super day. Thanks Adam and Martin for all your hard work. I was struck by how attentive you were to the children; making it fun, stretching them a little but keeping them safe.

Ruaraidh had a wonderful time and was delighted he was able to top all the climbs. He thought it would have been a easier without the wind, but he coped with the extra challenge despite his misgivings. Altogether a great experience.

Many thanks


Scott said...

Right, stopped shaking at last and can now type again! I can say without fear of contradiction being at the top of that mountain (well big hill) was the most fun I've had in ages! I feel however for the next outing someone else should have a go!!!!! Kids had a brilliant time. Can we book sunshine for the next time?
Mega thanks to Adam, Martin and Buzz for a fab weekend. bring on session 2.