Saturday, 30 May 2009

Plums of Ratho

Yesterday Nic and I climbed a new route in Ratho Quarry. This is a bolted line left of the Grapes of Ratho which has no natural protection on it, but makes sense as a sport route. We pulled a number of holds off whilst climbing the route which made for some entertaining falls. the route will settle down with more traffic and we would expect the grade might go up or down depending on what might change.

Plums of Ratho 7a+ (Nic Crawshaw, Adam Hughes 29/5/2009)

Follows the line of 5 bolts next to the short pedestal. Start on the right side of the pedestal and climb the wall to a tricky rockover on to the pedestal. Move up and right to use a couple of hold on Grapes to rockover on to the small ledge and balance left to the third bolt and a good hand hold. A hard mantal followed by an even hard couple of press moves leads to good crimps and a breather. Then a few more harder moves on small edges and almost none foot holds, then big hold arrive and easy ground to the chain.

A good addition to what would be an unused section of wall.

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