Friday, 25 September 2009

Grit Expectations

Over the last 3 days I have been down to the peak district with Neil and Ross. We headed down on Tuesday, stopping at Back Bowden Doors (not quite grit, but good all the same) to break up the journey and max the climbing time. We started off with some cheecky solos of a few short routes on the far right of the crag. This gave Ross the chance to find his feet a little, making short work of Hazelrigg Wall and Pinup. After that Neil faced his slab phobia by on sighting On the Verge (just). I then did the only version of the Tube I had not done, wjich was the direct. Ross warmed up his leading skills on the Arches, before flashing his first E4 (Lost Cause) afetr me and Neil, which was a sterling effort. I finished my day off by climbing Uncouth Youth and Neil did Right to Reply. A top day to start the mini trip.

Wednesday saw us waking up in the deluxe accomodation of the Froggatt national trust carpark. After a bacon butty in Calver we walked in to the crag and stranely seemed to be staring at Strapadictomy. It was Ross's lead and we needed to warm up so he led Strapiombante. After traversing a little and a feeble stretching, Neil decided to strap it on. He put in a fine display before coming off before the pocket. I went next and had a similar fate, as did Ross. Neil got it after a couple of shots, and Ross second go. The boy is a machine. I had what I can only say is a valient attempt, failing 2 moves from the top, but it will go next time. We then turned are attention to some of the classic slabs. Three pebble slab, Long John's Slab and Great slab, all excellent routes. The extra energy kept on coming as we did Brown's Eliminate, the direct and the Neil did Oedipus tell your Mother.

On Thursday Tony came over to join us at Burbage South. After walking along the crag saying how hard everything looked we where by Life Assurance and the Knock. Whilst everyone was trying to get psyched I manned up a got on Life Assurance. After going up and down trying to commit to do the last 2 moves i finally bottled it. After stripping the route , Tony and Neil were trying the Knock. They said they had not committed to the move across, so I thought I would have a go. Before I knew it I was pulling over the top, a quality route. Neil and Tony made short work of it after me. Ross then led ? Crack in fine style. Tony wanted to have a look at Pebble Mill so we all went to check it out. He made an awesome on sight solo which was great veiwing. This spurred me on to have a go, but with a rope. I found a reasonable cam after the crux which made me happy to bash on. the top section was straight forward, but a little bold. A great day to finish.

An amazing few days and we can't wait to get back.

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