Monday, 4 January 2010

Low Level Water Ice

I have been working for Nick Carter the past 2 day. I have been climbing with Alex and Dave who wanted to look at leading and improve in general. Yesterday we went to Drummochter Pass and climbed up the burn I had been to recently. This worked brilliantly. They pitched their way up placing ice screws as they went. We then drove a little further south and climbed a few pitches of roadside ice with a demaning 30 sec approach.

Today we wanted to try a few steeper things and put into practice some of the skills we covered yesterday. We went to Creag Dubh to have a look at Oui Oui. Despite being early there were quite a few folk around. The only free line was up the steeper left hand side. This offered some excellent climbing that probably touched grade 5. With tired arms we had lunch then climbed a slabby line up on the left wing before climbing the main (easier) line of the main fall. An excellent day.

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