Friday, 15 January 2010


Yesterday I was at the logde for their winter induction as I have work there next month. I was feeling a bit run down, so the lazy day was a relief. Today I feel a little under the weather, so having the weekend off before another 7 day stretch is just what the doctor ordered.


Alan said...

Man up Hughes, I've climbed or skied every day since the 20th Dec (barring 2 for travelling to Norway and back- big bags and athletic small child). 2 more days to go before 2 days off (tax returns- sigh)! Losing all that weight last year has given my body better wings than a case of Red Bull!! ;-)
Climb well and if you need a doss in the Fort just call.

Adam Hughes said...

Thanks for the support Al. Think it's because I stopped. Just need to do the rest of the winter without any days off from now.

Alan said...

No need to work/climb EVERY day, just produce a small child who wants to ski, mountain bike and dry tool before 18 months.... After that everything else sems like a doss!!