Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Steep Ground Day

In was the day 3 of the Glenmore Lodge Mountaineering course, which was steep ground. We all Navigated into the white room that was Corie an t sneachda to be rewarded with clearing skies. We journied around the corie to the flat ice to look at the difference between hard snow and water ice when using crampons, before heading on to the steep ground on the west side of the corie. Here we looked at bucket seats and buried axes. The group then made their way up onto the col on the Fiacaill ridge. We then plodded down the ridge to look at the bollards before heading out. A great day.
There were plenty of folks out climbing. Teams did the Genie, Damnation, Fluted Buttress, Fingers Ridge and all the other usual suspects.

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