Thursday, 16 August 2012

Getting Pumped at Kilnsey

I met up with Elliot today at Kilnsey with the veiw of getting on anything my arms would cope with.  After a good warm up I was feeling pretty good, so opted to try and onsight Balas E5 6b***.  Elliot had put the draws in Witches Brew 7a+/b and kindly brush a lot of dirt, dust and other ming of the holds he could reach.  Despite this, I was still over gripping on dirty holds.  Put that together with the fact that it is surprisingly pumpy and physical for a groove, and the inevitable happened.  The onsight was blew at the top, Gutted!!!  I now wish I had done Frankie before this.

Taking a rest before it gets physical

Elliot made good progress on Witches Brew, but fluffed his sequence on his final redpoint.  Next go should see him tick though.

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