Friday, 31 August 2012

Pits, Pots and Pans

Pete and I made the trip back to Running Hill Pits to see if Calamity Crack was dry, but unfortunately it wasn't.  Instead, we ticked off a few classics in the second pit.  Pete swiftly dispatched Plumb Line VS 4c*** and then Sodom E1 5c**.  I then did Gomorrah E1 5b** to complete our warm up.  All 3 of these routes are perfect crack lines that would stand out anywhere, but thankfully the lack of traffic means they still have no polish.

Pete then got on Mangled Digit E3 6a*** and cruised to the crux, but could not commit.  I then led it, which seemed to give Pete the drive to send large, which he did.
Getting involved on Exfoliation

We moved on from the Pits and went around the corner to Pots and Pans Quarry.  There are a few starred routes in the guide that look worth a visit, most notably Exfoliation E4 5c**.  This follows an awesome looking groove with thin and technical moves.  I jumped on this and thought it was AMAZING!!!, but quite tricky for 5c.  After further reviewing the guide t turned out I had climbed the direct (obvious/common sense) finish which dumps the grade up to 6b, oops!  I then went for a quick solo of Jeanette E3 5b*.  Dirty damp holds to finish, a bit of a freak out for the first time in a while, and I pulled myself together to finish.

Pete cruising Liquid Amber
Next up was Liquid Acrobat HVS 5b* in the next quarry over.  Pete waltzed up this to finish another good day in the moors.

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