Monday, 3 September 2012

Calamity Crack and Pule Hill

Pete and I went back to the Pits to see if the super classic Calamity Crack E4 6a*** was dry.  This is the 4th time I have gone to do it, but wet has stop me even getting on it yet.  Today there was a bit of seepage, but we did think that with so cunning use of so rags we could dry it out.  I abseiled down and dried and brushed the crack the crack, packing it all the way down with rags.  It was left like this for an hours or so whilst we warmed up in the second pit.  When we returned, things had thankfully improved.  With a lot of work I managed to get things dry enough to give it a go.  The rags stayed in, which meant you could not get you hands in.  This was ok, as you don't really need to.  I was pleasantly surprised when I cruised to the top, even managing a shakeout after the crux and chill out a bit.  A fierce route nonetheless!  Pete managed to get up the route with a few falls and a lot of working out, but has a plan for next time now.

Pete enjoying Mega Factor

We moved on to Pule Hill to see somewhere different.  It was very windy, which made it quite nice on a hot day like today. Not the nicest crag to look at, but the climbing we did do was pretty good.  Pete led up Mega Factor HVS 5*, which was quite nice.  I wanted to do War of the Roses E4 6b*, but on starting up it, I realised just how green it was.  It made sense to reverse thrusters, and do something else.  I led Playing the Chords E2 6a*, which had a tricky to get the crux.  Strangely, that was not to bad.

Another good day and another new crag for us.

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