Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Mileage on the Boulders

Horror Arete
Dan, Tony and I went to the Bridestones today for a few classics.  I was hoping to settle the score with Jerry's, but the rain showers put pay to that.  Instead, we fired off a few classics.  Tony had never been here before, and it had been a while for Dan.  We cruised around the Small Smart wall area ticking off the Villan V2, Charlotte Rampling V5, Small and Smart V4, Smarter V4 and Pointless V7.  A short walk back to the Indian's Head where Dan was keen to do Horror Arete V5.  It was not the day for him today, but I was happy to do it again for the first time since 2003 I think.  Tony and Dan rattled off a few classics on the Brother Boulder, before we walked over to Spyhole Pinnacle.  Dan was keen for Cleopatra V5/6.  I showed my way, and Dan swiftly followed.  We then had a mass ascent of Face Ache V3.

High on Horror Arete
 Another shower had stopped play at the Bridies, so as Dan went to work, Tony and I got a coffee.  The rain stopped again, so we went to Woodhouse Scar and sent a good handful of problems there as well.  A good productive day in between the showers.

I forgot my camera, but thanks to Tony there are a couple of pics.

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