Monday, 1 October 2012

Font with the Family

topping out on L'Elephant

I have been away in Font with the family and friends with their young children.  We even managed to fit in a bit of climbing.  After chilling out for a day after the drive, I got stuck into things reasonably quickly.  The weather was very mixed and I was not keen to project things as I was not sure how many days would be spent climbing.  I spent a bit of time at Franchard Cuisiniere, L'Elephant, Bas Cuvier and La Rohce aux Sabots.

Rose supervising at Bas Cuvier

sending Excalibur

Rose and Mummy trying to see what all the fuss is about

Duz on a cool font 6b, Franchard Cuisiniere

The highlights for me were:

Excalibur font 7a** second go
Beetlejuice font 7a+***
Bizarre Bizarre font 7a** on sight
Bizarre Bizarre assis 7a+** second go
Biocage Mental assis 7a+**
L'Helicoptere 7a **
Biocage Mental assis

With baby schedules, I was managing quick hits in the morning, then short easy sessions in the afternoon.  The trip ended painfully for me when I strained a finger tendon on the final problem of the final day.  Gutted, but it seems to be recovering well.  Hopefully, a week should see me back in action,

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