Friday, 26 October 2012

A Busy Week

I had a couple of hours to kill on Friday morning, so made a cheeky solo ascent of Spanner Eyes E4 6c* at Running Hill Pits.  This was the only thing that was dry that I had not climbed before.  The ground seems to have finally soaked up a lot of water causing seepage here and no doubt other crags that suffer.

Over the weekend I was in the Peak running an SPA Training course.  The crags were extremely busy with Uni groups as mini buses and coaches dropped them off.  The weather was excellent all weekend and help make a good course.

Monday was the start on a week in the Lakes based in Patterdale.  I was working with a group of young people who are taking part in the National Citizen Scheme, of which this adventure week makes up half.  As with all development weeks, the activities are a way of highlighting and teaching skills that can then be taken and applied to their everyday lives.  After the first day of intros and simple dynamic type games, we were straight out on expedition.  A challenging walk for some, took us to Red Tarn to camp.  After a quick brew we walked up on to the Summit of Catstycam 890m.  Once back at camp a good night of food and games took us through to a chilly night and simple walk out in the morning.  Yesterday the week ended with a great day climbing and Gyll scrambling before the group departed.  A successful week that has left the group positive and ready for the next part of the scheme.

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