Monday, 29 October 2012

In Between the Rain

I had a couple of hours this morning to sneak out and get something done.  There was a new link up at Woodhouse I had my eye on, so the 3 min drive down there seemed to make the most sense.  It took a while to warm up, but once I got going things seemed to go well.  I quickly dispatched the last of the V7 6c problems on Cave Buttress I had not done before.  This stiff eliminate was a good way to get in gear for the link up I was going to try.  Despite the odd light shower, the problem stayed dry enough where it mattered.  The link climbs the existing V7 6c low traverse to within one hold of finishing, then joins the V5 6b mid level traverse from only one move in.  Linking the two together creates a very pumpy V8 6c/font 7b, which I have called In Between the Rain.
working hard through the crux of the first problem

Happy with my quick hit and home for lunch.

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