Monday, 8 October 2012

A Recovering Arm and Jerry's Arete

Since straining my finger/forearm in font, I have been on rest and recovery duty for the past 10 days.  I went out today thinking I would just clean a new problem, but had to change plans when it was soaked.
Jerry's Arete 
The Bridestones was only 10 mins away, so I nipped up there to cruise some easy problems and see how thinks felt.  After climbing the majority of the problems on the Brother and Sister boulder and feeling good, I decided to try Jerry's Arete V9.  This does really require too much pulling on the fingers of the left hand, so hopefully if would be ok.  After a few failed efforts, everything clicked I was fighting with a slightly damp topout.  I thought I would do it again for the video, but could not seem to get everything to work again.

Cheeseblock Left Arete

Down to Small Smart wall and a quick dispatch of the problems there.  Then the Cheese Block.  The Left Arete V7 6c first go, but the holds on the other problems felt a little tweaky, so I left them allow.  More problem sent by the Bridestone to make a good tally of 32, and home.  So happy to be out and not too far from recovering fully.

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