Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Worlow Quarry (Where???)

After last nights rain I was not really sure where might be dry.  I took a chance and headed over to Running Hill Pits hoping to wrap up a couple of hard solo routes left to do.  Unfortunately, the wind had not dried things enough yet.  I nipped down into the 8th pit to do a few things there I had not done to give things time to dry in the wind.
Powering through the crux of A Fist Full of Daggers

There where a few of the bouldery highballs dry, Firefly V3 (HVS 6a) and A Fist Full of Daggers E1 6b** the best of the bunch.  Back up in the main pits, things were drying well, but not quite quick enough.  Rather than sitting around for a couple of hours, I opted to have a look at somewhere different, Worlow Quarry.

The picture in the new guide makes it look like there is a chance a visit could offer a surprise, this is exactly what I got.  Not only did the routes look worth doing, but it was as dry as a bone.  I spent about an hour and fifteen minute there and managed to solo 17 of the 20 routes, all pretty good.  The haul included: 1 x VD 4a, 3 x S 4b, 2 x HS 4b, 3 x VS 4c/5a, 2 x HVS 5a/b, 4 x E1 5b, 1 x E2 6a and 2 x E3 5c.  My recovering finger was getting tired and I didn't want to re injure it so I called it a day.  I'll be back for the remaining 3, but will definitely need a rope for 1.

This is a good crag to visit for those who like well protected E1's with good climbing.  It can also be combined with another crag in the area.

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