Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Bouldering Bonanza

Above:  Trying hard on Armistice
With the weather due to turn poor this afternoon, I was out early to try soe of the boulder problems at Baildon Bank.  Not the world best crag I know but the problems looked quite good on  Everything was nice and dry, so a bit of soloing around to warm up and a swift flash of Lay Away sit start V3 and the V3 next to Heavy Duty saw me ready to try something.  That something ended up being the cool, but very steep arete of Armistice V9/font 7c. After a fair bit of effort I was getting close, but struggled to get my feet set for the final move to the jug.  Maybe next time.  Instead I managed to send Who Are We Without Moon V7/font 7a+.  I cool technical sequence on layaways led to a hard dyno to finish.  Getting tired and expecting the rain to come soon I decided to go and check out Shipley Glen.

Only one more move, but it's a hard one!
Above: Side pull trickery on Who Are We Without Moon
I had never been to Shipley Glen before, so as it was still not raining I took my mats to have a look.  After wondering around for ages, I finally stood beneath Manson's and Phil's Wall.  I could not resist having a go, but came off Manson's Wall V5 on my first 2 goes.  A good brush was given, and the send happen next go.  Phil's Wall V7/font 7a+ required a whole lot more effort.  The holds are quite bad on this problem, and it was more by sheer will I managed it today.  The battle between sore fingers and taking the fall from the top for a 3rd time, was won by the fingers, Thank God!!

Getting stuck into the crux of Phil's Wall

It is fair to say I will be back to the Glen

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