Wednesday, 12 September 2012

New for 2013

I am psyched to receive some new Edelrid rock shoes today and looking forward to testing them out  Both sets of shoes will be available for 2013.

The Cyclone is the new radical last shoes for steep performance routes.  It is a slipper with a twist.  There is a rapid lace system, similar to that found on some fell running shoes.  They also sport the new Edelrid E Grip Plus rubber.

Left:  Typhoon lace-up Right: Cyclone
The Typhoon Lace-up is simply a lace up version of the Typhoon.  I have used the Typhoon for 2 years now and can say it is a fantastic all round shoe.  The E Grip rubber has performed as good as any I have used in the past.

For more info. on new Edelrid products, click the lick over on the right.

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