Sunday, 24 November 2013

Boldness Through Ignorance

Friday was cold and dry, so I took a walk into Cow's Mouth Quarry to give the shoulder a run out, and maybe have a quick look at Boldness Through Ignorance E8 6c** (since it lost its peg).  The shoulder was feeling ok as I warmed up on some easy routes , then a quick nip up Daytona Wall E5 6a***.  I had never done the direct, so threw my pad down and got stuck in.  A tricky bouldery start takes you into the normal route at it's crux.  This is then finished straight up by a 6b crux, to give a more sustained route of E5/6 6b***.

I then turned my attention to Boldness and abseiled to brush checking it out as I went.  Feeling brave, I went for the flash, dropping it at bulge on the monos.  Not wanting to take a big fall again, I dropped a rope down and quickly worked the tricky section.  After a good rest, I soloed the route.  The hard moves right at the top felt pretty good, but intense.  Psyched to get the ticked, but will need to go back and get some pics.

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Dave Warburton said...

You went for the flash - nice one!