Thursday, 7 November 2013

Visitors to Calderdale

Jono sending Radium Arete V3

Today Dan and Jono made a trip over to Woodhouse to see what I've been harping on about.  Hopefully they have not been disappointed.

I got there a bit earlier and warmed up to try and tick Mango 7c**.  I had drop the problem on the last move on Monday, so was hoping to get it sent quick.  Instead I was frustrated with one move in the crack that I thought I had sorted.  Rather than use up all my energy, I moved on when Dan and Jono arrived.

Keep rocking

They got stuck into some nice problems on Cave buttress to warm up, both sending well.  Ed and Phoebe made a cameo for a quick hit, but had to bail.  We then moved to the far end of the crag and Dan flashed Interface Boulder problem start V7/font 7a+ and Jono sent it soon after.  I showed the way on a couple of the other trickier problems, but skin and strength were a little to thin after what had been climbed so far.  So we moved back along the crag sending easy classics.  Dan put in some good moves to flash Piton Crack V5/font 6c.  Then we warmed down on more easy classics.

Dan on Piton Crack

A great session with problems from V2/font 5 to V8/9/font 7b+, which I think everyone enjoyed

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