Tuesday, 29 October 2013

The Crag That Keeps Giving

Using an intense power gurn to make the crux slap

With the sun out and the wind strong, I made a bid for Woodhouse early this morning.  Most things were wet as expected, but the perma dry eliminates face was dry.  As I warmed up, the sun hit the crag and the together with the wind, it worked it's magic.  In between problems, I happily watched the face dry, and suddenly realised an obvious link up that would give a great problem.  Angel Face font 7b+ is a great none eliminate problem in it's own right, as is the Interface problem start font 7a+.  Together they would make a long sustained problem, creating a crux separate from the ones within each individual problem.  This new crux is a massive bunched slap from the slot to the flake which makes the starting holds of the Interface Problem.  A further couple of powerful moves are required to move into the problem proper, before climbing that problem in full.  This has given Interfacing Angel font 7c**.

I was chilling out to recover to get a vid, when the heavens opened again and soaked the Interface problem.  So, I'll have to return for that when the weather improves again.

Back today (Thursday) to repeat it for the vid.

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