Friday, 20 December 2013

Work and Play

A busy week or so again with route setting, staff training a bit of bouldering thrown in.  I managed to escape Calderdale and get to Almscliff with Rose in tow.  Conditions were not great and Rose not having her best day, meant a slightly less productive day than hoped for.  I did manage to tick Underhand font 7b+, but failed on all other tricky objectives.    A batch of problems I had not done before got sent, so not a total loss.

Today I had a quick hit to the ever faithful Woodhouse and managed a few new links etc.  Interfacing Angel Reverse font 7c, Interface Boulder Problem Hell Start font 7b+ and Angel's Crossing Super Extention font 7c.  Probably only of interest to the usual Woodhouse faithful,  but some good additions to the face for when not much else is in.

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