Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Busy Back Down South

Since returning to Yorkshire after a quick hit of winter work to start January, its been all go.  I have been catching up on route setting, and busting a gut to get ahead before heading North again.

Over the weekend I ran a CWA Training based out of ROKT and The Leeds Wall which was well attended.  The 10 candidates brought a lot to the course and help make discussions varied and interesting.

I have also been delivering some staff training at Climb Rochdale, which has helped add to the diversity of my work over the last week.  With More route setting tomorrow and ROKT and then on Monday at Climb Rochdale, it is going to be tricky (but not impossible) to squeeze some personal climbing in.

Toward the end of the month I will be back up in Scotland for a busy stretch, before returning South to catch up on commitments here.  Although the season is pretty much booked up, there is still the odd spot to fill in March.

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