Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Curved Ridge

Karen and Rhys coming up the last tricky step
After listening to wind and rain last night batter the windows, I was a little less than optimistic this morning. However, after meeting Karen and Rhys and drinking a little tea for a hour or so, things didn't seem so bad.  We sucked it up and went for a look up Glencoe, thinking things may be better further inland.  They were a little, but still minging!  Even so, we made our walk around to Curved Ridge II/III and found shelter from the wind.  It can even be said it was pleasant, if a little damp.  As we picked our way to the start of the difficulties, there was evidence that Crowberry Gully had avalanched.  Despite the snow being ok where we were, we didn't hang around as it has a reputation for spitting out more than once.  As Donald made his way up a little behind, he saw it go again from high up.  The ridge itself is still well covered after the first steep rock section, and was pretty hard going putting in steps.  The cover meant it climbed quite easily, but you would need to dig a lot if you were pitching.  The wind on top was not too bad at all, with only the odd strong gust and we soon found shelter again as we descended via the ridge.  The top of the corie looks really loaded at the moment.

A great day despite the forecast and things are looking better through the rest of the week.

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