Sunday, 1 June 2014

CWA Assessment

After a week stuck in at home not so well, it was back to The Leeds Wall yesterday for a CWA Assessment.  The 4 candidates did really well.  A mix of abilities in terms of their personal climbing, meant some had a harder time than others.  All gave good performances when it came to the other aspects of the award.

Today I met with a posy from ROKT at Heptonstall for a few routes this afternoon.  There was approx. 20 folk there, which has to be the busiest I've ever seen it.  Despite the warm temps, folks were getting stuck in to a range of routes.  I soloed a few VS's to warm up, then led Brown Sugar E2 5c** with Chris.  Mark was putting in a good effort trying to lead Hard Line E5 6b**, but fell short of the top.  I took advantage of his very high gear to nip up it, and found it very easy to my surprise.  Even after being a ill all week, I seem to have recovered ok.  Lets hope I can start finding some time to get out and do a bit more.

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