Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Back on the Ben

Niall and Ben on Waterfall Gully 
Today I was back on the Ben with 2 lads from Bolton School.   Both Niall and Ben put a lot of effort in today to get things done before the weather came in.  Things started well on Waterfall Gully IV, 4*.  We had perfect dry cold conditions, and the route in top nick.  By the time we walked around to the Curtain area, it was warming up and everything wetting out.  We nipped up the Curtain Rail IV, 4 * to give some evenness to the experience the lads are getting.  To finish off we did a quick pitch of II/III in the Gulch.   It was raining at this point, and had been a while.  So we walked back to the bus as the wind was starting to pick up considerably.

As the world is ending tomorrow, we will head to the Ice Factor.  This is probably the best option as the lads are dead on their feet after 4 days on the hill. 

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