Monday, 29 February 2016

Stirling Bomber

After the stunning day yesterday, it was back to business as usual in the Gorms.  With Gale force wind predicted, Alex and Andy opted for a quick hit in Sneachda again, and Stirling Bomber V,7 won the vote.

Starting the dig up Pitch 1
Alex working hard to turn the steep wall
Andy contemplating the wall
First taste of slots at the end of pitch 1
We slogged in with an open mind, and a suck it and see how the approach slope was.  It was surprisingly scoured, with only small pockets that needed care and avoidance.

The lads did really well on the route, and embraced the challenge it offered. Some all over body pump was achieved.  The route was pretty buried, with evidence that it had been climbed recently, but got filled in again.  The weather got worse as predicted, with a lot of snow getting blow in on us.  This had all started to settle a fair bit, so we had a careful descent after the Ab.

Alex getting involved in some top mixed climbing
Andy catching a break
Another blasting for Andy, theme of the day
It felt like a win to get a good route done today in pretty wild winds, fingers crossed for better weather tomorrow.

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