Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Soggy Sneachda

After the rain last night and warmer temps we opted for what seemed the safest bet and headed into Sneachda again.  There has been a lot of snow removed, particularly on the plateau.  However, just enough snow etc. has remained on the buttresses to make climbing possible.

Alex picking his way up Yukon Jack

We climbed an ice free Yukon Jack which was much nippier than the IV,5 it gets based on ice being present.  It felt pretty thin in general and pretty bold too.  Definitely closer to V,6 and pushy in the condition it was today.  That said the climbing was cool, balancy moves on thin or flat hooks.  Both Alex and Andy climbed the route well, looking confident after the few days we've had.

Alex in the top chimney of Yukon Jack
Alex was feeling the efforts of the few days and opted to walk out, so Andy and I popped back down for another route.  We climbed Opening Break IV,5, which was good sport today.  Thin at the bottom, but still loads on snow/ice in the corner.  A good end to another productive day.

Nice snow on Opening Break

A pleasant day out

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