Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Original Summer Route Direct Start

So much discussion last night, talk of days off etc. I proposed the easy walk back into Sneachda and Original Summer Route.  All were happy, off to bed.

We walked in with blue skies and light winds, got pipped to the route by a nice team of ladies.  After discussion it seemed it would work if we did the direct start at V, 6.  This offered a much better start than the original.  Generally good hooks led to a bold thin crux.

Unfortunately all teams converged, so we had a bottleneck.  We let them go first, so I went back down and brought a bag of food and belay jackets up to keep my guys comfortable.  Once all was clear we bashed on and abseiled off after the original crux pitch.  A gentle paced day with some good climbing.

We are now on the West coast hoping to climb some ice, if we can get through all the snow.

My computer is having issues, so I'll add pics when possible.

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